Creating a Healthier Family

Is your family the kind of family that enables each member to feel good, develop individual strengths, and feel loved and supported? Are there fun and healthy interactions, or is there too much tension to allow for that? Have you started to conclude that your family will never have the qualities you had wished for? Do conversations regularly dissolve into arguments? Do certain family members feel excluded, favored, targeted, or misunderstood?

Let me see how I can help.

I have worked with many families. Families are all different, and each develops its own system of operating. When that system no longer works well, or has never truly worked well, it is time to change it. It’s never too late to start creating the family you want to have – one that provides a chance for everyone within it to be happy, to feel equally important, to be accepted, heard, and nurtured.

Why It’s Important to Meet as a Family

canonSometimes, an individual within a family is sent to me as “the problem”. While that person might be causing the most tension, that person is still a member of a family. The family might need support for the suffering its enduring, and it could also be that the member initially sent to me might be feeling that his/her issues are exacerbated BY their family. This is the reason I like to meet with everyone, at least for a good portion of the sessions. Everyone affects everyone else, for better of for worse, within a family system. Everyone needs to see his/her part in it for things to truly change for the better.

Relevant Videos

Here are two videos that highlight two of the many issues families face.

“When my kids become wild and unruly, I use a nice, safe playpen. When they’re finished, I climb out.”Erma Bombeck