Your Daughter’s Body Image

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Child Therapy Encino

What to do when your tween or teen girl doesn’t like what she sees in the mirror. Our girls are up against some fearsome foes. Images of beauty are everywhere, and the brainwashing begins at a very young age. Media, fashion trends, culture, heritage, friends, family and even religious beliefs set and reset our and our daughters’ standards of beauty. … Read More

Dealing with Divorce

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How divorcing parents can help their children during this difficult time. Have you ever dreaded a moment so much that you delay it, find every excuse not to have it, and hoped you could hire someone else to do it? That is how the parents I talk to in my practice often portray the moment when they have had to … Read More

Sibling Rivalry

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Family Therapy | Sibling Rivalry

Tips on dealing with new siblings. You all know the family. The one in which the siblings seem to magically get along, support each other, work well together, and talk through difficult moments with little to no yelling, or homicidal threats. You also know there is a reason you probably only know one family like this. It is a rarity. … Read More