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The videos I make reflect the varied subjects and issues I address with my clients regularly. I will be producing more of them over time. If there are topics you would like me to cover in future videos, please let me know!

Cults Today

  • Yes, they still exist!
  • An introduction into the world of cults
  • How to define what a cult is
  • How to tell if a group, or relationship, is dangerous, manipulative, and cultic
  • More videos about cults to follow soon.

Emotional Intimacy

  • How you can develop real intimacy in your relationship.
  • Helping both people see why it’s important.
  • Emotional and physical safety are a necessary part of true intimacy.
  • Understanding how acceptance is circular – both people need to give it in order to receive it
  • Why partners might not be revealing their true selves, true needs and desires, and what it takes to change that.

Siblings of Those with Special Needs

  • Can develop unique strengths, insights, wisdom, and sensitivities.
  • Can sometimes form conflicted emotions towards their siblings and their parents.
  • Have differing and transforming reactions to their sibling as they get older, and have varying degrees of responsibility for that sibling.
  • Sometimes need to be given permission to have their own needs, as well, and encouraged to address them.

Over-Exposure to Porn

  • This is not a judgment about porn. It is about the effects of over-exposure.
  • The psychological and physiological impact of over-exposure.
  • How this causes problems with sexual ability and satisfaction.
  • The potential for depressed mood, shame and isolation.
  • Future videos will explore how to address this with those you love, and what it could mean if your partner retreats to it to a worrisome degree

Hey kids! Look up from your screen for a minute.

  • Why looking at someone in the eyes still matters.
  • Adults need to model this, even though it’s a challenge for some of them also
  • Face to face interaction and it’s connection to emotional intelligence
  • Extensive screen time and trouble with picking up on social cues.

Parents: Calm Down when Kids Act Up

  • How to ACT rather than REACT
  • Be motivated by problem-solving, not punishing.
  • Not a time to release your own frustrations and anger
  • How to remember your children are still learning.